Episode 51 : Interview with Dave Anez…What If your comic was picked up by Capcom?

In this episode we’re taking it back a few years (okay 2 decades, but who’s counting) to talk with “The Father of Sprite Comics.” Creator of the immensely popular and influential Sprite Comic, BobandGeorge (he’s also one of Josh’s personal heroes,) Dave Anez!

In the episode, we talk about how things might’ve transpired if Capcom had given interest in the comic and what he would’ve done in that case. Join us!

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50th episode!! What if humans stopped procreating? With Les Knight!

Les U. Knight, Founder of Voluntary Human Extinction Movement.

In this episode we discuss what might happen if humans voluntarily stopped procreating… And we learn what the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement (VHEMT) is all about.

Les takes us on a mental journey as we contemplate the implications for human society and the Earth at large.

Mischaracterized as misanthropic by some, Les explains how the movement actually comes from a place of love for all.

If you are curious about VHEMT be sure to visit these links:


Medium Article about VHEMT


Episode 49: Interview with Kyle Colson… What If you could only use one condiment for the rest of your life?

Kyle Colson, Owner of Hella Hot Hot Sauce

In this episode we talked to Owner and Operator of Hella Hot Hot Sauce, as well as our sponsor, Kyle Colson and his wife. During the interview get to know what inspired the Colsons to make their delicious recipies as well as learning about some of the awesome artists they’ve partnered with and created for.

We addressed the hypothetical, What If you could only use one condiment for the rest of your life? Each of us chose our favorite sauce and most choices were definitely our guilty pleasures.

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Episode 48: Patreon options?…A choice only you can make!

This episode, our interviewee had something pop up so we decided to let you guys in on an idea we’ve had for a bit now. Listen in for what we mean.

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Episode 47: What If you lost the ability to sleep? Fatal Familial Insomnia

“Weather war is hell!!!!”
Civil War General Rufus King 

In this shorter than normal episode we discuss the heart breaking syndrome known as Fatal Familial Insomnia. Jbats and Mykahl send their best wishes from their frontier post in the Midwest. We end the show with a track by indigenous hip hop artist Supaman, “Prayer Loop”.

Much love to our listeners and we will be back with a full episode next go around.

A special thanks to Jay Ungar for the use of his song “Ashoken Farwell”..


Episode 46: Interview with Jayant from Bloodywood…What If Everything Was Predetermined?

Karan Katiyar (left) Jayant Bhadula(middle) Raoul (right)
Picture courtesy of Revolver Magazine

In this episode we talk to Jayant from Bloodywood. He is the lead vocalist in this awesome Indian Heavy Metal band based out of New Delhi…

We examine what if would be like if everything you will ever do has been predetermined. The conversation is interesting and we all learn a little bit about the path our lives have taken.

Be sure to check out Bloodywood’s new single, “Endurant” about understanding and rising above bullying.


Follow Bloodywood at:


Facebook : @Bloodywood.Delhi


Episode 44 – Reddit 50/50 Challenge

In this episode Josh and I do the Reddit 50/50 Challenge…Ahhh yes, a roll of the dice as it were involving exposing oneself to mysterious media. Will what we witness be  cute/normal or crazy/disgusting?

Tune in and laugh or cringe as we did.

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Episode 43: What If you could make your own Horror film? (with special guest Owen!)

In this Halloween inspired episode:
Josh, Owen, and I each describe our idea for a horror film.

We each come up with our perfect horror movie.  The results are both varied and terrifying! So strap on your man beard, things are about to get spoopy!

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Episode 42: Halloween with Sammy Terry

In this episode Josh and I talk to a very special guest. He was a part of our childhood that we enjoyed immensely. Every Friday night we would risk getting yelled at by our parents  for staying up to watch his show.

Sammy Terry has been a horror host in Indiana for more than 50 years. We were very humbled to have the opportunity to speak with him. Sammy answers some questions that we have always had as well as giving us some history of his origin. Be sure to check out his Facebook page to catch all of the pertinent info and live events.

You can find Sammy Terry online at:



Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/Sammy.Terry.Fan.Page/

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