Episode 39 – Interview with Carvel : What if you could travel 100 years into the future or past, which would you choose?

In this episode we explore a choice:

Would you travel back 100 years into the past…or forward 100 into the future, with our very special musical guests the fantastic band; Brisbane, Australia’s Carvel!

We talk about why we’d go to either end of our imposed spectrum, as well as getting to know Tim and Cameron from Carvel.

They have a YouTube channel where you can see their official music videos, and are available on Spotify as well!

Stay tuned during the episode for a exclusive acoustic live version of Carvel’s single, ‘Dark Side of Me’.





Episode 38 – What if you could bring back your favorite childhood snacks?

Racially Insensitive Drink mix!? OH NO!!

From Twinkies to Big League Chew, the world of snacks has offered a myriad of sugary goodness as far back as the late 1800s.  In this episode, we discuss whether or not we’d bring back select childhood goodies…join us!


Episode 37 With DAN CUMMINS!!!

I’m not crazy, just my eyes are crazy!

After an editing nightmare due to a hard to find setting, it’s finally here!  In this episode we talk with Comedian and Master of Suck Dan Cummins about what we would do if WestWorld were a reality. Strap in for some sweet suckage as we step into our own Timesuck of sorts on this very special –and long-awaited– edition of The What If Podcast!

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Episode 36 – What if you could bring back your favorite childhood show? Part 1

KITT was the SHIT

Time.  It flies when we’re having fun, and it takes its toll on us as we age.  But sometimes it rewards us with vivid memories of the past that make it all worth it.  In this episode we list out favorite childhood shows we’d like to see come back and talk about if they’d make it in the current social climate.



Episode 35: Scary Stories and Spousal Transformations…

Don’t lie, these images still scare the shit out of you.

In 1981 Alvin Schwartz published a book that would forever change the face of children’s literature. Scary Stories to tell in the dark is one of the books most beloved by children and beguiled by adults for its visceral tales and nightmarish illustrations.We had a chance to interview the producer of an upcoming documentary about this hallowed literature and its author.


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Cody Meirick




List of Shapeshifters from Around the World


Episode 34: What if you believed that you were dead?

Death is a finality that the living can only hope to comprehend, but for some the idea they may already be dead is a harsh reality that scares those who care for them and intrigues those treating them for this strange affliction.  Cotard’s Delusion, on this episode of What If!


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Links to sources for this episode: Mental Floss, Plight of the Living Dead  |  Cotard Delusion, Wikipedia  |  Medium, Living With Being Dead

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Episode 33: What If you believed your loved ones were imposters?

Pic courtesy of:  Rachel Laughman

What if you believed that your friends and loved ones were imposters? Josh and and I discuss what causes Capgras Delusion, its history, and examples of cases as well as how we might handle this malady if we faced it.

So find a quiet and secret spot to listen to this episode as we attempt inform you before our imposters get back and subvert the podcast…




What If Episode 32 – What if People had Super Powers? (With special guests, Owen, Emily, and Allison)

Mr. and Mrs. Invisible considered changing their name to The Shadows after being spotted against a white wall…

In this special episode…

To make up for not having an episode last week, Jbats invited his kids onto the show to talk about how things might be if humans developed super powers.  Sit back and listen to us chatter on about superheroes and the brain!


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Episode 31 – What if we could upload our Consciousness?

Intel Inside…

Reversing the process aging has always been a driving force in the advancement of technology, and one of the leading ideas towards immortality is the concept of moving our mind to a digital state.  Can uploading our mind to a computer give us the ability to live indefinitely, or is the human brain so complex that we can never teach computers to read, interpret, and copy our ‘selves’ to digital storage?


In this episode we play promos for our friends at the Now that I’m Older podcast, as well as the In Poor Taste podcast.


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