Episode 44 – Reddit 50/50 Challenge

In this episode Josh and I do the Reddit 50/50 Challenge…Ahhh yes, a roll of the dice as it were involving exposing oneself to mysterious media. Will what we witness be  cute/normal or crazy/disgusting?

Tune in and laugh or cringe as we did.

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Episode 43: What If you could make your own Horror film? (with special guest Owen!)

In this Halloween inspired episode:
Josh, Owen, and I each describe our idea for a horror film.

We each come up with our perfect horror movie.  The results are both varied and terrifying! So strap on your man beard, things are about to get spoopy!

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Episode 42: Halloween with Sammy Terry

In this episode Josh and I talk to a very special guest. He was a part of our childhood that we enjoyed immensely. Every Friday night we would risk getting yelled at by our parents  for staying up to watch his show.

Sammy Terry has been a horror host in Indiana for more than 50 years. We were very humbled to have the opportunity to speak with him. Sammy answers some questions that we have always had as well as giving us some history of his origin. Be sure to check out his Facebook page to catch all of the pertinent info and live events.

You can find Sammy Terry online at:



Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/Sammy.Terry.Fan.Page/

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Episode 41: Interview with Howard Salter & What If you were born into a cult?


In this episode we explore what life might be like if you were born into a cult. Since Josh and I have no comparable life experiences…we reached out on social media. 


Our listeners chose this topic so we scrambled to contact a relevant guest. As luck may have it Howard Salter contacted us.

We did our pre-show research we found out that Howard has wore many a hat in his life, combat-veteran, podcaster, and technologist. Howard was kind enough to take time out of his day to talk to us about the hypothetical at hand. 

The Ace Report: http://www.theacereportpodcast.com

The Ace Report Facebook: http://facebook.com/theacereport

The Ace Report Twitter: http://twitter.com/theacereport


Belong Church: http://ibelongchurch.com

Belong Church Facebook: http://facebook.com/ibelongchurch

Belong Church Twitter: http://twitter.com/ibelongchurch



Episode 40: Interview with Robert Patton & What If you were allergic to meat?

In this episode we discuss what would happen if you were allergic to meat… We examine the causes and culprits of an pesky allergy that while temporary in nature is frustrating none the less.

We also talk to Mr. Robert Patton, the Founder/CEO of Sheath Underwear. He talks to us about what inspired him to create his special brand of pouch underwear and about his time in the Army . From childhood basketball dreams to perfecting the Zen Pouch seams, we gain a better understanding of Robert’s long journey to success.

We are also very proud to announce that Sheath Underwear is our inaugural sponsor!!! Many thanks to Robert and we hope that we can sustain a long partnership.

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Episode 39 – Interview with Carvel : What if you could travel 100 years into the future or past, which would you choose?

In this episode we explore a choice:

Would you travel back 100 years into the past…or forward 100 into the future, with our very special musical guests the fantastic band; Brisbane, Australia’s Carvel!

We talk about why we’d go to either end of our imposed spectrum, as well as getting to know Tim and Cameron from Carvel.

They have a YouTube channel where you can see their official music videos, and are available on Spotify as well!

Stay tuned during the episode for a exclusive acoustic live version of Carvel’s single, ‘Dark Side of Me’.





Episode 38 – What if you could bring back your favorite childhood snacks?

Racially Insensitive Drink mix!? OH NO!!

From Twinkies to Big League Chew, the world of snacks has offered a myriad of sugary goodness as far back as the late 1800s.  In this episode, we discuss whether or not we’d bring back select childhood goodies…join us!


Episode 37 With DAN CUMMINS!!!

I’m not crazy, just my eyes are crazy!

After an editing nightmare due to a hard to find setting, it’s finally here!  In this episode we talk with Comedian and Master of Suck Dan Cummins about what we would do if WestWorld were a reality. Strap in for some sweet suckage as we step into our own Timesuck of sorts on this very special –and long-awaited– edition of The What If Podcast!

Check out all of Dan’s social media pages to keep in touch with all things Time Suck and his touring Dates..

@D_Cummins and @Timesuckpodcast on Twitter

Timesuckpodcast on Instagram

Timesuckpodcast.com for all your podcast swag and upcoming episodes.

DanCummins.tv for all Dan’s tour dates and misc.